Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Travelling with Time Lords

and thus 'continuing the long tradition of barking mad Scottish side kicks',  - to quote my cousin on seeing the Dr's new assistant! - it is now time to return.

Photo courtesy of the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
It has been a good holiday: the weather did get better, sort of, and the ribs have healed, sort of. And, of course, it's nice to be back, sort of!


  1. Lois, we've been missing you! This photo is a laugh--you look marvelous--and I'm glad the weather has improved a bit.

  2. What great picture Lois! So glad you are back ...I have been missing your inspirational posts ... Thank god the weather improved at last! Like Scotland we almost drowned!

  3. Thank you...

    The return to work is happening, slowly...!

  4. Know how you feel......I cracked a couple of ribs last year, tripped over the footstool. It was agony to laugh.



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