Wednesday, 5 September 2012

"...the photos take as long as making the piece!"

Betsy, in this case, you are so right.

The first of many: too dark and headless! And  you can see the tacking on the pleats that I forgot to take out before photographing.

Most of the second lot: too light, out of focus and well, let's be honest, who knows what the dress looks like...but I sort of like this!

Many were the wrong shape: too long for Etsy's format.

And I simply forgot to get in this one!

Three days later and I am finished. Photos are not exactly great but, hopefully, you can see that the dress is.


  1. The dress is great! Your story about taking pictures is so day we will have our own photographer (and model) ;)

  2. love the last one!
    The dress is great and it has this wonderful blue you can find in old paintings!

  3. Indigo blue ... photographing can be so frustrating ... but in the end you always manage to show us in a very beautiful way how the dress looks ...

  4. The last one is great! I love the way you inhabit your dresses, much more interesting than a professional modeling :D



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