Friday, 9 November 2012

A Beautiful Find

 When the fabric was unravelled a small tag attached to the end of the bolt said 'x-Chanel'.

Not enough for a jacket but perfect for a cape.


  1. Exciting ... a cape in Chanel fabric by 13Threads ... can't wait! Have a good weekend Lois.

  2. oooooh......where ever did you find it?

  3. A treasure! Looking forward the cape!!!

  4. For sure you will enjoy to work up this beautiful fabric! curious too!

  5. I found the fabric in my local fabric shop. The bolt was stacked in with all the wools of similar colour and it wasn't until the assistant unrolled the fabric to give it to me did we see the tag. We were both surprised but it was quite obvious just by look and touch that it was a special piece of fabric. It is the softest wool and cashmere in the most beautiful colours of red, green and mustard with a light blue thread running through it. The weave is very loose...and the cape is nearly finished!



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