Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Big Girl's Party Dress

The slightly smug look has a lot to do with finally finishing everything on my 'to do' list today but mostly because I am so happy with how this little dress turned out.

Made from that gorgeous soft deep red taffeta, this dress has a lovely structure to it. I added interfacing to the sleeve facings to keep their wide kimono shape and the pleating and wide hem on the skirt add a nice fullness - also helped by the black tulle underskirt and its wide twisted frill.

The neckline is a wee bit 'plunging' but all eyes will surely be drawn to the beautiful big bow tied, slightly haphazardly, under the bust!


  1. What a gorgeous dress!! Love the name too:)

  2. Fabulous! I love the kimono sleeves!

  3. looks like a good dress to have fun ! glamorously but not overdressed!

  4. What gorgeous and fun dress! Combined with the black it is just great. The interfacing to the sleeve facings is a very smart idea ... I guess that was the last of the red taffeta fabric?

  5. Yes, the last of this deep red taffeta but I know I can get a bright red one too!!

    I am really not a fan of taffeta but this range of taffeta I found is really quite special as it is soft. I was really unsure about modelling this dress as I felt it needed a much younger model but once I put it on...well, it really does feel like a big girl's party dress!



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