Tuesday, 11 December 2012

British Made - Calendar 2013

Over the years I have come to value the dynamic between make and design, benefiting from the expertise of many British companies. This calendar presents a selection of them who stand for tradition in the best sense of the word
- Margaret Howell

Bringing in the New Year is Harris Tweed. A handwoven tweed made by the islanders in their homes in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Some fabrics have a life of their own. For me, Harris Tweed is heritage, landscape, colour and people. These all go to create a warm, appealing texture - Margaret Howell

April and its showers recognises Mackintosh - 'a company, a cloth, and a clothing icon' from Lanarkshire, Scotland,

The construction of a Mackintosh is unique: still partly made by hand with sections glued rather than stitched, it has a flatness which lends itself to minimal design. Absolutely fit for purpose - Margaret Howell

whilst December recognises the 'forty years of hands on experience' in a Margaret Howell shirt.

I made my first shirt in 1970. Since I couldn't find a factory to do exactly what I wanted I set up my own workshop at home - Margaret Howell


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  1. What a wonderful optimistic post, lets hope people really get to appreciate handmade. I like the clothing of Margret Howell, sober yet stylish ...



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