Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Friday....

It's cold outside, the sky is heavy and grey and there has been a light snowfall.

A Harris Tweed cape

and a 'behind the scenes party' to make you feel warm and cosy.

(via Fashion Link)


  1. Oh gosh, these images of the red coat with the guitar head sneaking into the picture are stunning. Wow, so atmospheric, I would love to be able to shoot images like these. Brilliant.

  2. impressing pictures! love the tights in the post before!

  3. I just think your capes aka ponchos aka shawls are fantastic! The pictures are beautiful too. Thanks for the video I enjoyed it ... apparently this is the latest thing to show fashion in settings like this?

  4. Thank you so much. The photos were going to be dark today whether I wanted them to be or not - a gloomy day here.

    ...and I love this little film. The location, the detail on the dresses, the makeup, the lighting, the beautiful!

  5. What a luxurious creation. I, too, love how you've photographed it.

  6. Gorgeous pictures and that cape, it must be so warm and cosy beside being beautiful!



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