Friday, 1 February 2013

Home Sweet Home

'...for the creative and curious,' it all begins on the front cover of UPPERCASE.

UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 16
cover design by Debbie Smyrh

Marking four years of this quarterly magazine, Home Sweet Home, is about 'looking back -and staying in. Techniques, traditions and styles of other centuries and other histories influence in fresh ways.' And beautifully illustrating these themes on the cover of issue16 is the pin and thread drawing of textile artist Debbie Smyth.

Inside, the magazine continues to celebrate all things creative with contents that span art and design, places/spaces and style: illustrator Julia Rothman 'honours the important people in her life' through her Kind Soles

 Studio looks at how a Swedish hospital for those suffering from cholera and a former transit repair facility in Toronto became work/life communities for artists

and in Fashion, the minimal and functional, 'inspired classic workwear' clothing of Old Town is a nostalgic nod or 'playing with the notion' of Now and Then.

A recurring feature in UPPERCASE is Blog Beautiful: a column highlighting a chosen blog, traditionally nominated by the previous blog (person) profiled. So many, many thanks to Hazel Terry of Art Room Plant for nominating me and to Janine Vangool for choosing 13threads as this issue's Blog Beautiful.  It is an absolute honour!


  1. How great is this! Congrats on this wonderful feature!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Viktoria! I am very excited about it and have been longing to brag/blog for a couple of months.

    And I forgot to mention - there are lots of other ways to get involved and participate.

  3. I'm soooo happy to see you, and you deserve this honour! Lois, I'm celebrating with you!!!

  4. That's fantastic Lois! Congratularions, the article looks amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend my dear... xx

  5. Lois, this looks pretty amazing, congratulations on this very good-looking feature, you deserve it!

  6. I have just discovered your blog and clothes through Uppercase Magazine. First time I've seen the magazine (gorgeous). I was so thrilled when I looked up your blog after having been so impressed by the stuff I saw in the article, and discovered you are a fellow Edinburgh resident. I think your clothes are stunning! I haven't had time to fully explore your blog yet, but it looks fascinating. Do you have a showroom, or do you just sell on Etsy?

    1. Hi Rosie, thank you so much for getting in touch...and your kind words. And, yes, Uppercase is a beautiful magazine and if you haven't already found it , our local Analogue Books sells it. I don't have a showroom and Etsy is my main shop at the moment - but drop me an email if you need more info. loisx



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