Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Work In Progress

This is my prototype for a new tunic style dress. It's a great shape and with no openings, you just slip it on!

I still have to create my pattern and work out seam finishes and construction but I already see this dress in plain poplins and some paisley cotton lawns.


  1. I see it on some very happy women! What a beautiful timeless yet edgy dress!

  2. Beautiful shape from all sides! And it has pockets too!

  3. When can I sign in on one Lois? On all sides a terrific dress!

  4. Thank you all. I can't wait to finish this and a few other new designs. Things are going very slow at them moment as my elderly parents are both unwell so I have been dividing my time between my usual chores, sewing and driving the four hour round trip to visit my mum and dad.

    ...and Marion, get in touch!!



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