Saturday, 9 March 2013

...and another!

Similar in style to my blue taffeta dresses, this lovely lightweight dress is made from yet another beautiful Liberty of London cotton lawn.

With the same wide collar neckline waist ties and longer length, this dress, however, has a front pocket.

I have to thank Marion for this addition to the dress. When she commented that she liked the pocket on my bright blue taffeta dress - they weren't pockets but just the draping of the skirt - I thought good idea!

The pocket is not huge but definitely big enough to carry a few small essential dog treats!


  1. I love this dress, Lois. The Liberty of London fabric has such an incredible drape, doesn't it. I've felt some in my hands a few times...your design is divine.

  2. This dress is gorgeous! and I love the idea of a pocket!
    and beautiful pictures as always!

  3. This is such a beautiful fabric Lois ... I wasn't aware of my "help" until I read your pocket story just now, ha ,ha, great! I do love pockets. Hope the weather in Edinburgh is better as it is over here, it's still a white world and more snow is falling.

  4. Thank you all so much. Yes, it is woolly hats and wellies for us today too. Lots of snow and it is still falling here too. Edie, my daughter, headed north this morning for school camp! I will feel more relaxed once I know they have made it there safely!!

  5. lovely pictures! seems your dog knows already where the goodies are!



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