Friday, 1 March 2013

Chrysanthemums and A Wee Dance

A definite warmth to yesterday's sun had me doing a little twirl.

So, anticipating the longer, brighter days to come, I have been making some dresses.

First up, is a version of my kimono sleeve dress in a big, bold and stunningly gorgeous chrysanthemum print by Liberty of London. 

This time I have made the belt long enough to tie either at the front or at the back of the dress.

Many more sunny days, please!


  1. You look like a beautiful Martha Graham dancer, and your dress is spectacular!

  2. a beautiful and inspiring spring - promise !

  3. Absolutly stunning Lois! A magical dress ... No sun over here and I am still sick in bed ... really looking forward to your othetr dresses ..

  4. Thank you for this lovely hope of spring. The birds have just started singing here in the early morning.

  5. Gorgeous dress!! You're beautiful Lois!
    oh yes, some sun and some flowers are what I'm waiting for too!

  6. gorgeous modelling and i love the dress too. such a lovely print.



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