Monday, 11 March 2013

'Ideal Island'

Through a series of photographs, artist Naho Ishii uses her exposed body covered by a blanket of scribbled houses and buildings to represent the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan two years ago.

Ishii’s photos are like that of a child, napping. And when the innocent child turns in her sleep, things – in this metaphor, tectonic plates – shift out of place. “People used to have much more reverence for nature.” In Ishii’s world, mother nature is nothing more than a playful child who will turn turtle, bottle out or jump ship on a mere whim. - Spoon and Tamago
And the power of Mother Nature will also be remembered by the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the Last Tree Standing from a forest of 70,000.

The tree survived for nearly 18 months after the tsunami but eventually died due to high levels of saline introduced into its environment, after which is was felled and giant molds were created to again form the trunk and branches as they stood when the tree was alive. - This is Colossal


  1. always interesting and provocative

  2. I like the work of Naho Ishii. Thanks for sharing ... the situation for the Japanese people living near that erea is awfull.



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