Monday, 4 March 2013

Trine Sondergaard

It is the calmness of Trine Sondergaard's work that pulls me in. 

And whether it is the muted grey tones of Interieur or the deep intense colours of the Strude and Guldnakke portraits, Sondergaard's images leave me wondering:

What's behind those doors? 

"Over a period of four years the artist Trine S√łndergaard patiently gathered the images in the series Interior. Revisiting and returning to the winter rooms of the abandoned Danish manor she has chosen as the latest site for her unique precision and sensibility - and continuing interrogation of the photographic image."

Past or present? 

"The golden bonnets embody both hardness and softness. I emphasise the union of these oppositional qualities in the meeting between the soft skin of the girls’ napes and the metal threads of the embroidery. The girls are dressed up, but in modern clothes of their own choosing – creating a meeting across time between different female universes."

Who lies beyond her gaze, behind the mask?

"My work with Strude began at a local museum on a small Danish island where women’s folk dresses were exhibited on faceless cloth dummies.I have been investigating portraiture in my work for some time: interrogating what constitutes an image and confronting the myth that the portrait can reveal personality - or capture ‘the soul’. In the traditional portrait the subject often meets the gaze of the viewer.  In most of the images in Strude this meeting is doubly blocked: by the mask and by the averted face of the sitter."


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