Friday, 26 April 2013


I like to cook because I like to eat good food so I like to read cookbooks. However, the spillage from my kitchen shelves onto my kitchen floor means that until I get rid off some of my less drooled over books, I probably shouldn't be buying anymore. So, it is fortuitous that my new cookbook obsessions are also award winning blogs, serving up a constantly changing menu of delicious recipes, beautiful photography, lots of stories and chat, all clutter free.

'Since all good recipes often come with a story' David, Luise and Elsa's Green Kitchen Stories shares their thoughts and pursuits in creating simple, healthy vegetarian offerings.
We believe that one of the most important thing in a diet is variety. That is why our recipes sometimes are raw and other times cooked, sometimes they call for buckwheat and other times for oat. Eating is about feeling good, not following rules!

the kitchen, yes, all of it

 And Smitten Kitchen is where Deb Perelman shares the recipes she cooks in her tiny New York kitchen.
Perelman was working as an IT journalist in 2003 when she decided to start her first blog, Smitten, where she shared stories about her life in New York – a lot of them about the bad dates she went on. Gradually, as Perelman’s interest in cooking grew, she began to blog about ‘exceptional recipes worth your time’. In 2006 it became Smitten Kitchen, two years later she left her job to work on it full-time; now most of the recipes are her own. - The Telegraph

...Like all good bloggers, it would seem, there are times when you need to have a change of look, change of focus or reinvent yourself all together. So, if  The Little Whisperer's  (previously known as Little Whisperer) first post is anything to go by (and a promise to share her baking recipes), this new blog may be worth bookmarking too!

Ps. No more carefully hidden chocolate treats under sandwiches for this young lady!

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  1. The petite New York Smitten kitchen looks like the one I had in Amsterdam. Thanks for sharing the good looking site of Green Kitchen Stories with us Lois.
    And the Little Whisperer's looks promising too!

    Have a good weekend!



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