Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Gardener's Cottage

"The picture-perfect Gardener’s Cottage was always going to feel special." - Jo Laidlaw, The List

"Lunch in the Gardener's Cottage is one of those experiences that stops the world for a while, and we can always do with one of those." - Jay Raynor, The Observor

"The whole approach to and feel of the place tends to soothe and put a smile on the face. " - Joanna Blythman, Sunday Herald

The Gardener's Cottage, Edinburgh was just that: the old derelict cottage of the gardener who used to tend the grounds for the wealthy inhabitants up on Royal Terrace. Now it is a lively, rustic and quirky restaurant of two small dining rooms fitted out with communal bench tables, open kitchen and record player in the corner.

Atmospheric setting aside, the food is served as a five course set menu except for the weekend lunch where there is a little choice. And although this choice is very limited for vegetarians, one option, I was told that I could choose a few of the meat dishes and they would make a vegetarian version for me. Basically, they could make me anything with the ingredients available.

Their approach is simple. Grow it themselves (fittingly, the Gardener’s garden is flourishing); make it themselves (bread, chutney, even their own cheese); or source it locally and smartly (buy a whole deer and use every single cut for a week’s worth of menus). This thrifty approach delivers a witty, energetic menu that’s big on flavour, value and simplicity. - Jo Laidlaw, The List

A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday lunch but it is the set menu I really want to go back for. Vegetarians need to let them know beforehand but everyone else, their daily menu is posted here. Closed Tues and Weds.


  1. Lois, your last posts really make me wish to visit Edinburgh someday.
    It seems to be a grandiose town!

    1. Viktoria, I'm glad these posts make you want to come to Edinburgh as I know a few people who are intending to visit here this summer and I thought it might be nice to point out some places of interest. And cafes and restaurants always interest me!!

  2. Oh, don't, you're making me hungry! I'll take the set menu, and then a stroll in the gardens. Edinburgh is on my list of things to see in my lifetime. It must be simply beautiful.

  3. Oh my! You've set my taste buds to twitching in anticipation. I'll be over in August to take the workshop that Christine Mauersberger is taking and will have a couple days at the end to explore Edinburgh. Many thanks for posting about these jewels that no doubt would go unnoticed otherwise. I need to start my "must visit" list...and add the coffee shop you posted about recently as well.


  4. Very inventive and interesting menu.....hope the portions are small as there is a hell of a lot of food there.
    One of my fantasies is to live in a gardeners cottage.

  5. looks fab, we are heading up to Edinburgh in September - lunch?

  6. What a great place set in these gardens ... so simple yet very romantic ...It's on my list of things to do in Edinburgh, thanks for posting Lois.

  7. I just had a closer look at the menu, wow ... wild garlic puree ... it al sounds really good!



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