Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's been a while...

but I am still working and yesterday I spent an enjoyable morning drinking coffee and chatting with my friend and her daughter while my batch of cheesecloth 'tests' dried. Washed twice at 40 degrees and then tumble dryed on a high heat for 20 minutes, I am quite happy with the results of this one.

The cheesecloth has wrinkled and shrunk quite well creating a much thicker, heavier fabric than the lightweight, gauze-like that I started with. I used the selvedge of the fabric for the front opening to create a little detail. The buttons are little wooden beads.

More to come as I experiment using the fabric cut across the grain which I think would create an interesting texture if mixed with linen. I also have lots of lovely shades to play with as well.

Thank you Stephanie for the use of your dryer, cups of coffee and fun chat about life, what to cook for dinner and looking at your new collection, website and beautiful model. She is gorgeous!


  1. A very elegant and special dress, the cheesecloth came out very nice and so thick! Hope the experiment with the other cheesecloth turns out as well as this one, good luck lois!

    Stephanie makes lovely knittings, thanks for sharing her site.

  2. Wow! This dress is gorgeous! I love the combination you made with the texture and the color!

  3. ...a good friend is worth their weight in gold. Love your new dress--beautiful design and attention to detail!



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