Friday, 17 May 2013

It's Friday...

The temptation was there: to grab my big beautiful woven shopping basket, my wide brim straw hat and throw on my open toe sandals. But after slipping into this simple black cheesecloth dress for the photograph, I realised it didn't need anything...other than a beautiful piece of jewellery!

Unique and elegant, this necklace is the stunning work of The Jewelry Story who this weekend and next open their atelier doors as part of Kunst in Opsterland.


  1. Gorgeous dress & stunning necklace!

  2. Whoever gets this masterpiece will put it on and never take it off! Utterly beautiful.

  3. Lois, thank you so much for showing our necklace! It is great on this dress. The photos show your new beautiful dress very well ... About 60 people stopped by our Atelier yesterday, lets see what today brings us, it is raining ...



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