Friday, 2 August 2013

Flags for Edinburgh

The flashing lights and loud bangs of fireworks bouncing around my bedroom at 1130 last night were just a little reminder that Edinburgh is now in full festival mode.

Flags for Edinburgh
public art commission for Edinburgh Art Festival 2013
Photograph by Stuart Armitt
Welcoming all to our capital city's month of fun and festivities are Peter Liversidge's, "Flags for Edinburgh."
In a city which doubles in size in August, Liversidge’s proposal invites Edinburgh, visitors and residents alike, to join in a collective and universal greeting. In the artist’s own words, “a simple welcome across the rooftops. A buoyant, floating ‘hello’". - Edinburgh Art Festival
Although I haven't actually seen these yet, the posters, the crowds and the arrival of The Famous Spiegeltent, are all reminders that the 'largest arts festival in the world' has started...making getting back to work very slow indeed!


  1. Lois, I can well understand the delays--our spring was so non-existent, and the past winter so long that when summer finally arrived there seemed to be no end and no stopping the celebration of sunshine and heat. Enjoy your days while they last! I'm always checking out your shop and fall will be upon us before we realize it.

  2. Exciting days ahead, my lads are currently in town as we speak soaking up some Festival buzz. Thanks for pointing out the flags, I didnt know about them so I look forward to spotting them, they look fun.



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