Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Brown Herringbone Tweed

It is coarse and earthy and utterly gorgeous. Probably the most beautiful tweed I have ever worked with and the smallest piece I have ever had to transform!

An old favourite, I have lined the sleeves of this jacket and created detail with a detachable cotton lining. A kilt strap is used as a fastener.

And from my background photo which I took on my walk at lunchtime, autumn is here! 


  1. This jacket looks just smashing! Have you listed it already? Your experiment with the photograph turned out very well! Yes leaves are falling ...

  2. Wow! Splendid jacket! I love the work of drapes on the sleeve. I agree with Marion, the frame of woods and leaves is excellent

  3. Thank you! I have been trying to do a photo like this for ages but I was trying to subtly blend the two images together. And then I saw something like this in a catalogue/brochure - where the images were kept very distinct. Effective and so much easier to do! And if I could photograph my jacket outside, I would do it on this lovely treelined path.

  4. Utterly gorgeous! Isn't it great to make something beautiful from something beautiful? The cut and color are spectacular.

  5. soooo gorgeous, Lois! And I adore the entire look you've put together in your etsy photos.



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