Monday, 30 September 2013

For Life

 "...these shoes will give you years of wear." Dr Martens

Going on nineteen years: a new pair of laces and, maybe, polished once - no guarantee!

And when they do eventually wear out, Dr Martens will "repair or replace them for the rest of your life - guaranteed."

And for the rest of their life, my Dr Martens, a new tweed jacket and anything (on second thoughts) only some tartan are always going to be perfect together - that I can guarantee!


  1. The whole outfit is perfect!

  2. What a great new design jacket Lois! You sure are very busy sewing! Lots of new clothing in your shop!

    And thanks for mentioning the Dr. Martens shoes, that brand is around for a long, long time ... I love the ones you are wearing. I looked them up and it turns out they are for sale on the net everywhere, I had no idea ...

  3. I've always liked your shoes, Lois, and now I know what kind they are. Love your whole outfit, too!



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