Saturday, 21 September 2013

Green Flecked Tweed Jacket

Leaving enough for a hat, I used the last of this gorgeous green flecked tweed to make this jacket.

 Similar in style to some of my other jackets: fitted across the shoulders and back and shaped at the waist, this jacket has a loose waterfall style collar.

The front hangs slightly lower than the back and the front can be closed with an oversize (3cm) snap fastener.

Flecked with so many colours, I chose to highlight the black in the fabric by using it to finish the seams and edges. The selvedge is exposed down the front.


  1. This jacket looks great with jeans! Beautiful.

  2. Great tweed in a beautiful yellowish mustard! I like the length too ... its been a while since I saw you wearing jeans. Dawn is right the jacket looks really nice with jeans!



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