Sunday, 8 September 2013

Red and Black Herringbone Wool and Mohair Jacket

It's never easy but getting a good photo of this beautiful red and black herringbone tweed jacket has been the most difficult challenge yet.  I've photographed it in natural light in front of the window,

then in the window,

against my trusted black wall

and I even gave it a twirl.

But it always looks purple! Truth is, I have probably spent just as much time trying to take a photograph of this jacket as I did making it!!


  1. That first photo with the natural back-lighting takes my breath away. A beautiful creation!

    1. As always, thank you Dawn! I'm sure you know the problem, I get some lovely photos that I like the look of but they don't show colour, texture....and apparently my potential customers want to see a detailed (in focus) photo of what the item looks like! Maybe I should just post in my blog the photos I like and save the 'realistic' ones for my shop. Anyway, I could have made another jacket in the time this has all taken!

  2. I love the last picture with a twirl! and yes, taking pictures is not the part I prefer...

  3. I went to your shop to look at the close up of the fabric ... such beautiful texture and color! Too bad it is so hard to photograph ... I can understand your frustration.

    The shape and the design of the jacket / coat show real well and I love it!



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