Monday, 9 September 2013

Weather for Hats?

The chilly morning and wet afternoon certainly indicated that a hat would be the perfect autumn accessory but the gorgeous warm sunshine at lunchtime had me undecided! Luckily, I think these new hats look great to wear whatever the weather!! More to come...


  1. Your hats are definitely a must have! I cherish mine :D

  2. Ah hats! Yes it is getting colder ... And I see the fabric of the red / black herringbone tweed hat is actually red today!

  3. Sophisticated and divine! I love mine so much!!!

  4. Many thanks! I don't have any lights for taking photos so I have to rely on good natural light and every day it is fading fast!

    ...and I am thinking of creating a webpage of photos of people wearing their 13threads hat!?



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