Sunday, 13 October 2013

End of the Week

I have only managed to list one new skirt in my shop as most of this week I have been busy fulfilling some orders.

However,  although it has been quiet in the front of my shop, it has been crazy behind the scenes with convos of kind comments, order enquiries and treasury features -  and all thanks to lovely people like Lucie who have featured one of my pieces in their wonderful treasuries.

When It's Dark by Lucie Tales

Many thanks to everyone who works so hard generously promoting other shops, like mine.


  1. I've been noticing your graceful new designs, and I must thank Lucie, too, for making exceptional treasury collections that are wildly popular.

  2. It's a pleasure Lois to combine your beautiful pictures of your amazing creations! :D
    This skirt is gorgeous!

  3. Another great Tweed skirt! The design is so clever, with the contrasting fabric peeking from under the Tweed fabric. I hope all this PR behind the scenes will bring you many sales ...The weather definitely is ready for warm designs.



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