Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Materiaprima in Bergamo, Italy

For the third winter, I am absolutely delighted to say I have just sent off some hats to this beautiful shop, Materiaprima in Bergamo, Italy.

I'm beginning to think a more personal touch is needed and I should be hand delivering them!!

Again, many, many thanks Materiaprima for your kind support.

Materiaprima, Concept Store, Bergamo, Italy


  1. absolutely they should be hand delivered ! what´s better than a little autumn trip to Italy !??

  2. Can I go too? Maybe they need some jewellery??? So good to hear they like your hats in Italy... and no wonder they are gorgeous. From what I see on Facebook this store sells wonderful clothing and accessories.

  3. Have you been there, Lois? To Bergamo? I was fortunate to go once, and it is indeed a beautiful magical place on the top of a tall hill reachable by funicular. Your hats will go like lightening, and be seen by the upper classes of Milano.



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