Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Slight Variation

Shorter length, shorter sleeves, shorter belt as it is attached to the side seams, two larger pockets...

so probably much more practical than the floaty long robe for making breakfast, doing the dishes and taking the dog out for a quick morning pee!


  1. I had some dresses from Liberty,
    off tana lawn that were very similar to your robe. This was in the early 70s...wish I had kept them.
    I used to send to Libertys for them, their sales department would send flowery letters that ended " we remain, Madam, your most humble and obedient servant" Now days you are lucky if you get a stock email.

    1. I can't believe you didn't collect them - I wish you had kept them too! There is a new mini series of channel 4 that started last night - a behind the scenes at Liberty. I haven't watched it yet but it should be interesting. Do you still have the letter?

  2. This robe looks almost Japanese ... just lovely.

  3. I love the cut--and that fabric is divine against the skin!



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