Friday, 29 November 2013

I was thinking of gifts

...thinking of something special!

Created from three different Liberty of London prints, this patchwork robe ticks all my gift receiving boxes!

And if I had to, it would make a lovely gift to give too, to someone special!


  1. Such a chic piece! Beautiful, Lois! Every woman in the world would be thrilled to have a gift like this.

  2. Thank you! As I have said before, it is easy to make something beautiful when using Liberty fabrics. I have a few more of these - different styles, different patchwork variations to come.

  3. now i must check into liberty fabrics.
    i sew all my own clothing….
    and i love good fabric.

    adore this robe. truly.

  4. So beautiful and what a splendid idea to make a robe from patches of Liberty fabric!

  5. It is a good way to use up those larger bits of left over fabric that are just not big enough to make a complete piece. And the good thing about the Liberty fabrics - they all look wonderful mixed together and the colours, patterns and variations are endless and a lot of fun to play with!



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