Thursday, 21 November 2013

Northern Light

I took these photos yesterday, a wee bit later in the afternoon, so the faint northern light that was resting on my black wall gave everything this beautiful blue hue.

 I love the effect and form but since this jacket is a very light grey colour, I really can't use them in my shop.

The light isn't much brighter this morning but it is time to go have another go. And since this jacket comes with a belt, maybe a change of 'look' is needed! 

Jacket shown here is worn with my light grey Harris Tweed Hat, red/black/white Liberty of London dress and beautiful big silver earrings by The Jewelry Story.


Different light, different look but still the same light grey boiled wool coat and those gorgeous earrings!


  1. Another great jacket! But from the photo you can't tell it is light grey that's for sure. I love the shape and style of these boiled wool jackets. The earrings look good on you too, thanks for mentioning them Lois!

    1. I had to 'borrow' the earrings again this morning! They are gorgeous and I think they suit me too! Edie begs to differ!

  2. Wonderful coat and pictures Lois!



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