Friday, 24 January 2014

Back From Bergamo

For those of us who cherish handmade and seek that something just a little bit different, that little bit special, then Materiaprima is the shop you have been looking for. Every item is uniquely chosen by the owner Elena from, mostly,  independent makers around Italy, reflecting Elena's great taste and obvious passion for good, clean design and well made products.

Without adhering to the dictates of the fashion world, Elena's chosen collections are timeless and classic with a twist of quirky, appealing to the young and older customer, appealing to me! Materiaprima is a new kind of shop for a new kind of buyer: both turning their back on high street trends and supporting small artisans. A venture probably still ahead of its time and perhaps slightly risky in today's economic climate but Materiaprima is the kind of place where I would like to shop.

It was wonderful meeting the lovely Elena and I can't wait to see some 13threads hanging in that shop window!! 


  1. Thanks for showing us this great shop Lois! Congratulations, because you clothing will be hanging there soon ... such a fantastic opportunity ... one you deserve!

  2. How exciting, Lois. I LOVE seeing places like this. It will be wonderful seeing your creations in the window! I'll have to make a trip to Bergamo...

  3. Many thanks for your kind comments. I, too, will need to make another trip to Bergamo as the torrential rain made it impossible to walk around so I didn't really get to see the old town. However, meeting and finding Elena and Materiaprima made up for the lack of sight seeing.

  4. congratulations on being supported as a small-business artisan!
    i love "13 threads" designs….

  5. Congratulations Lois!! This is the kind of shop I love...

  6. The shop looks amazing.
    It reminds me of small boutiques I found in Denmark and Sweden, where artisans are supported so much more readily than here.
    I hope we get to see your 13 Threads hanging in the window...

  7. wonderful setting to have your work presented! congrats!



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