Thursday, 30 January 2014

But For Now...

I am keeping with wool jackets and this lightweight jacket is constructed from two different tweeds. The main body is made from a black/grey tweed and the facings from a brown/grey herringbone. Both are incredibly soft.

The jacket is fitted with a slight flare to the back skirt.

The front has a draped side which creates a lovely cowl neck when fastened. All edges of jacket are left unfinished so will slightly fray.

Because the jacket is so soft, it is ideal for wearing like a cardigan under heavy coats for extra warmth on these very cold days but will also look great come spring worn on top of a simple dress. The simple dress in the photo is this dress made in a wool jersey with a cotton voile trim added to the hemline. Again, another preview!


  1. I was eyeing this one in your shop yesterday, it is gorgeous! Looks so comfy too and i love the idea that you could wear it as a cardigan... x

  2. The whole outfit is gorgeous, comfy and so chic! And you've definitely found your signature in these stunning pictures, these chiaroscuro are outstanding!

  3. Thank you very much! I have another soft one ready to be stitched and I would like to try making it in a jersey fabric too.

    Yes, Lucie, I think my photos are getting better thanks to this wonderful black wall and the light that comes in the north facing window. Some of the results have been really gorgeous but unfortunately not that great for showing off the clothes!

  4. I love how versitile your creations are--able to wear with dresses, skirts, and jeans. This is a lovely piece.

  5. Another great jacket, different from the other designs ... I agree with Dawn a very versatile piece. I wondered about the dress you are wearing, It made we very curious ... hope we get to see it soon!



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