Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coming next...

I came back from Bergamo with a cold/flu bug and have spent the past week in bed. Feeling better today, I decided to really get ahead of the game and preview something I have been working on for next winter!! 

It's furry, made from wool, mohair and alpaca, has a detachable hood and is a brighter shade of green.

And after many outings, I can attest to the warmth its red tartan wool lining provides.

Happy with the design, the construction and the look, I now just have to find some more of this luxurious fabric!!


  1. Brilliant and sooo cozy-looking while maintaining an elegance and a je ne sais quoi.

  2. Gorgeous! The texture seems fluffy and cosy and it certainly looks warm! I love the shape too and I'm a fan of hoods :-) I hope your cold is healed!

  3. It is gorgeous! Very handy for chilly Edinburgh today... if the rain stays away!
    Hope you're feeling 100% soon, the flu bugs going around just now are vicious!

    1. Thanks Emma! Feeling better but still not great. This weather is not helping! I should add that the coat suffered three days of torrential rain in Milan and Bergamo and survived, obviously better than coughing, sneezing me!

  4. What a great big hood! I like this coat a lot Lois ... it goes very well with your dr. Marten shoes too! Right now in The Netherlands it is absolutely cold enough for this type of coat. Hope you are feeling better now.

  5. You noticed my new Dr Martens! They were a Christmas gift so not ones I chose myself but I have grown to love them as I walked around Milan and Bergamo in them and there were no sore feet!



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