Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Today is my first working day of a new year and so far, this morning, I haven't touched any fabric or turned on my sewing machine. With a cup of tea to hand and my computer on my lap, I have been scrolling through emails; catching up on blog news and editing and re-editing this blog post! 

On reflection, my decision towards the end of last year to minimise the amount of time I agonise over writing and posting and instead focus more on making did increase productivity and, eventually, sales. For my shop, it was a good year: awaiting designs materialised; my photos got a wee bit better and my hats can now be bought in the US and Italy

Looking forward, and stepping away from my computer and sewing machine, I am off to Bergamo, Italy next week to see where you can buy my hats; in May I will be in Landgoed De Sloplaats, Bakkeveen to sell more hats and jackets and dresses at The Jewelry Story's Spring Presentation so, of course, a trip to the Cloth Houses on Berwick Street, London also needs to be planned!

But getting back to my sewing machine, new designs should be appearing soon; a collaboration with textile artist Christine Mauersberger has been discussed and I am considering redoing a range of clothes for those 13 and under13threads.

And getting back online? Well, I have come to realise that really, whether I am sitting at my computer or my sewing machine (or traipsing to exotic locals!), it is all part of my working day so I endeavour to get quicker and better at creating blog posts; finish that damn new website and enjoy every minute of every shop, city and country that 13threads requires me to visit!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year Lois!! That's great that your hats can be bought in Italy and US!!
    I agree, posting on blogs is time and energy consuming, I wish I could spend more the time at my bench or imagining new pieces for sure, all is a question of balance....that I haven't find yet ;-)

  2. Wise words at the beginning of the New Year! Yes it is very true blogposts takes time to write and the research even more ... but like you say it is all part of the game ... I do enjoy your posts and really hope you keep writing them.

    Oh my I am so envious you are going to Bergamo to visit the shop and bring more hats! Thanks for the link you gave me to my website ... have a good start of the New Year with inspiration for many beautiful new designs!

  3. Happy New Year and may all the planned visits become a succes!

  4. A very Happy New Year Lois X
    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Italy.



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