Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Collaboration with Textile Artist Christine Mauersberger

In 1986 at the Marshfield School of Weaving in Plainfield Vermont under the tutorship of Master weaver and Scottish folksinger Norman Kennedy, textile artist Christine Mauersberger wove some tweed with yarn from a small mill in the Scottish Highlands. Twenty eight years later Christine's beautiful tweed made its way back to Scotland, to me, and I had the great honour of turning this wonderful fabric into some hats.  

Hat created from tweed woven by Christine Mauersberger

If you are interested in purchasing one of Christine's hats, please check out her blog and shop, Hank and Spool, for further details.

Thank you Christine x


  1. I love your collaboration! I'm there a way to size the hat? I'll be seeing Christine at the end of the month and may ask her bring one along for me to try on.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I do create my hats in different sizes but the hats that Christine should have soon are both the same size (my most popular size). Not sure if Christine has any fabric left!!

  2. I love the collaboration, too. It adds a lot of meaning to work with artists, and such a beautiful material--I love her work, too.

  3. Amazing all this happened such a long time ago! Very nice Story and the hats are just gorgeous.

  4. that's lovely, Lois, and Christine's site is beautiful as well. What a fun collaboration, the hats are quite precious in their limited edition run!



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