Sunday, 9 February 2014

Long Tweed Jacket with Cowl Neck and Zip

I am very happy with the results of this lightweight jacket. The cowl neck sits nicely, the drape on the jacket hangs well and the zip closure does its job whilst adding interesting detail. And the pocket, although small, is still big enough to hold spare change, a hanky, keys or some dog treats. However,

when I held the jacket up to the light to admire it, I noticed a slight 'blemish' on the fabric. I never noticed it before cutting or buying! So, this one, unfortunately, won't make it into my shop but I'm sure I will find fabric to make many more.


  1. you should keep this lois! it looks perfectly on you. amazing jacket!

  2. Somehow you've managed to fuse the elegance of a past era with the edginess of a motorcycle jacket, Lois.
    I'm in awe, it's so gorgeous!



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