Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Inside & Outside - An Interpretation

As you know I will be attending The Jewelry Story's Spring Presentation in May.

Looking to the theme and title of the presentation, Inside & Outside, I have decided to create a collection based on a few key pieces that can be worn inside and outside each other, in other words, layering.

So far I have a few dresses which are made from various weights of cheesecloth, cotton and linen

and, of course, I will be layering jackets and coats for those inside to outside days.

More to come...


  1. Lois, can't wait to see these pieces, especially the white dress in combination with the black dress underneath. Such a clever concept! Inside & Outside! I looked again and I see two white dresses!

  2. Yes, Marion, there are two white dresses here and a black dress. All are different but I think work pretty well together. The hope is I can get a good mix of colours and patterns that will work well together too. And at the moment I am playing around with the lengths to see how that works. Not enough hours in the day...but I am enjoying myself!



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