Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Black Denim Hat

 Another summer hat shown worn with a black cotton dress layered over a white cheesecloth dress.

I will have some photos of dresses, coats and jackets soon - just waiting for the sun to shine! But all can be seen, touched and tried on at Inside & Outside in May which Marion so kindly reminded me is soon!!


  1. What a gorgeous place for the presentation of your collection! so inviting!

  2. Please don't panic Lois ... i was just teasing a bit are right and sometimes there are not enough hours in a day. All will be fine ... the clothing rack to display your clothing on is not that big ... The black and white dress looks very intriguing!

  3. Oh--I'm so excited for you, Lois. By the way, the cotton hats are a brilliant idea--and I adore your cheesecloth dresses!

  4. LOVE your hats!....they are like CROWNS!!



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