Monday, 12 May 2014

Life is Great: Inside & Outside

Louise Cohen's Life is Great Collection moves eating, dining and entertaining from inside to outside in unique style.

Love this! And I look forward to meeting Louise this weekend.

More info on Louise at The Jewelry Story 

Inside & Outside 
Date: Saturday May 17th and Sunday May 18th, from 1100 until 1800 hours 
Venue: the Tea House at estate De Slotplaats, 
Foarwurkerwei 3, 
9243 JZ Bakkeveen   

1 comment :

  1. What a wonderful description Lois...! How eloquently put. I am also looking forward to see you and your designs soon!! Especially you inside outside coat. Love it already and I am pretty sure it is going to be an exceptional lovely weekend.



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