Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hand-made Cinema: The Work of Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren was born in Stirling, Scotland in 1914, was a student of the Glasgow School of Art and was a world renowned film maker: ' a genius of the moving image famous for his innovative and prolific animated experiments.'

McLaren engaged with the underlying materials of filmmaking - painting directly on to film and film soundtracks, scratching into celluloid, developing electronic compositions from black and white cards and making bespoke equipment. - McLaren 2014

McLaren’s work reveals astounding inventiveness, and reflects his deep-rooted humanism. His joyous work was influenced as much by surrealism as his pacifist convictions, and shaped by a passion for dance and music; as such, his films can be celebrated on many levels. He has influenced generations of artists, filmmakers and musicians, from Picasso and Truffaut to Lucas and Linklater. - Edinburgh International Film Festival

This is a small but fascinating exhibition and the examples of McLaren's etched film are just beautiful. (Jason Dee's Pursuit of a Shadow which is also being exhibited is worth a visit too.)

Talbot Rice Gallery
University of Edinburgh
31 May- 5 July

Edinburgh International Film Festival 18-29 June 2014
Screening and Talk of Norman McLaren: Now is the Time
3pm / 21 June 2014


  1. i can see why Mc Laren was a big influence on musicians and filmmakers ... do you have time to visit the Edinburgh film festival?

    1. I think they are showing a few free films outdoors around the city so we may go take a look but apart from that I haven't booked an tickets. Ticket prices for this and all the other festivals in Edinburgh are getting a wee bit expensive, especially for a family of four going, so I need to sit down and plan things a bit more. By the way, the Hand-made Cinema exhibition is free!



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