Sunday, 7 September 2014

Moving Towards Autumn

with some new listings in my shop.

Black/Grey Wool Skirt worn with Liberty of London Top and Black Denim Coat

Charcoal Grey Wool Jersey Top

Black Cotton Twill Asymmetrical Skirt
This black twill skirt is one of my favourites and has become part of my daily uniform. (Sorry, photo is rubbish and I will try to get another one).

Wide Cheesecloth Top/Tunic

And this is the very last of my cheesecloth! Long, warm, sunny days are very much behind us now in Edinburgh...


  1. Your work is so lovely Lois. You work with the female form to enhance it--just impeccably!

    1. Thank you Dawn. And as always, your kind compliments make the day a much better day! x

  2. I agree with Dawn here ... absolutely gorgeous pieces ... the tunic is a great new design. And I know you did not make it (I think) but I like that boatneck Tshirt you are wearing too! It is getting colder rapidly over here, time for layering and warmer clothing.

    1. Thank you...and the boat neck t-shirt is my daughter's and comes from Gap!



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