Wednesday, 3 December 2014

One Hundred Blinks

One Hundred Blinks, a film by Lindsay Perth, is being projected on the National Galleries building as part of the opening of the Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy on Thursday December 4, 5pm-9pm. The projection will be 16 metres wide, on the road side of the mound facing the castle.

‘One Hundred Blinks’ is a collection of portraits. One hundred faces, aged 0 to 100, are shown in order of age, each face changing to the next during a blink. Filmed in close up with eyes in sharp focus each portrait is an individual with character, wisdom and vulnerability.
As a collection of faces, ‘One Hundred Blinks’ presents a reflective and meditative narrative that is essentially the human experience. The film progresses through the ages as each face changes, ending with the blink of the 100 year old which reveals the face of the new born baby once more.
Filmed in slow motion at 200 frames per second Perth attempts to slow down time and give us opportunity to gaze and celebrate each age and face with their uniqueness and humanity.
You will see my daughter early on (2 mins 57 seconds in this shorter version) but will have to come and watch the full version to find my son and me, a wee bit further on!

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