Thursday, 7 April 2016

Again, it's been a while...

A while since I blogged and a while since I added new work to my shop. However, I am still designing and sewing but lots of prior and on going custom work has been keeping me busy and offline.  So, when I get a chance to take some photos and sit at my computer for longer than the 10 minutes I have just to post this, I will be adding some new coats for spring.

The new coats are made from Liberty of London cotton twill and are fully lined. 


  1. Beautiful fabric and a great coat Lois! I do hope that one of these days it will be warm enough to wear one of them outside. I hope all your custom work will work out OK!

  2. Thanks Marion. Not warm enough or even dry enough to wear out. Four dresses, two coats and a jacket still to go...

  3. glad I found your blog again and you are still at it! I am such a techno dinosaur

  4. you dont have to sell ME on anything Liberty.I am forwarding this to my Liberty mad friend in France.



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